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© 2018 by Glenn Van Den Herrewegen.

Hi there, sit back and relax, I want you to listen to what I did before, what I'm doing now and where I see myself in the future.


Experience my story as you would read a book. Don't do it when you're in a hurry.


Being diagnosed with asthma on the age
of 2 might be the start of a heroic story. E
veryone probably has a story like mine and to be honest, who doesn't have 
asthma these days?

My asthma was the severe kind of type which was bad, like really bad bad.
But hey I'm still alive and I didn't let it bother me in doing whatever I wanted. 

My first victory (which still means a lot to me) was getting third place in a provincial running competition. Keep in mind that I was the kid diagnosed with asthma.

From then on, I started to realize I could do anything I wanted to if I worked hard for it.
It's still something I keep in mind to this day.

As being a runner was not really my thing, I started exploring different kinds of sports and hobbies. I started doing extreme sports like motorcross and ended up being a racetrack driver. But music was always something that I loved. To listen to, but also to be creative with and that's what I've been doing mostly up until now.

I used to produce and perform on events which gave me a boost and made me creative like I'd never been before.
This is something I'd still love to do but don't get to do lately. I'm a perfectionist in everything I do and producing music would consume an insane amount of time.

Speaking of time, last year I decided I wanted to be dedicated and effective.
I've spend all my free time pursuing creativity and learning everything about advertising. I challenged
myself to do extreme things and managed to get out of my comfort zone more than once. 

I did some things I never thought I could but remembered that giving up wasn't an option. I've learnt to deal with setbacks and got the mindset of 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'. One must take risks to achieve something.

I'm not a superhuman, the constant pursuit of making things better and creating more would cause me to overwork myself and burnout.
That's where my yin comes in.

I'm blessed to have a girl(best)friend who supports me in everything I do but keeps me down to earth. I'm a dreamer who needs his realist in order to keep moving forward.

So now that you know some things about me, let me get to know you, 

let's grab a coffee together.

Oh, and to be professional, here are some downloads: