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Giving 'like a girl' a whole other purpose.

Brief: Younger girls (14 to 19 years) are often not active with sports due to lack of infrastructure, role models, access, sponsors, inequality, accessibility and opportunities. Create a service, brand experience, campaign, digital or social experience or product that gets girls engaged with sport and focuses on removing the mental or physical barriers that prevent girls from getting onto, or staying on, the fields, courts and pitches.


Insight:  Boxing fans prefer to watch men’s boxing instead of women’s. Women are not known for their knockout power. But unfortunately, that’s what boxing spectators want.

Idea: We gave ‘knockout’ a different meaning. Women are abused every 30 seconds on Twitter. And girls are the women of the future. That’s why we are going to knockout negative tweets about women. Our idea is to place a punching bag in New York City on March 8, International Women’s Day. Girls are invited to punch the punching bag as hard as they can; to knock-out online misogyny. If it is hard enough, a tweet will be posted in response to a negative tweet. Onlookers can follow this on a digital screen. A countdown will show the number of women-unfriendly tweets that need to be knocked out. 14 to 19 year old girls will have the chance to show off their strength by knocking out as many tweets as possible. Laila Amaria Ali will be the first girl to punch the boxing bag to launch the campaign. 

Members: Marie Janssens, Sam Dekocker, Elise Ghesquiere, Elisabeth Willems and Lore Gyzels 

 CREATIVE BELGIUM: New talent finalist 

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