Helping the homeless in a nongovernmental way.

The United States has around 553.000 homeless people. Most caused by the gap between increasing housing costs and stagnant incomes. In Venice, many of these are trying to survive by making art. This because it’s the only form of income available. Unfortunately, nobody feels the urge to buy art from a homeless person.

Airbnb will host the biggest art museum by tapping into their 7 million places all over the world, making it the biggest art museum ever. 



I started with the idea of using the platform to change their way of advertising, in order to make people see the bigger picture and the faces behind the places they visit. But I soon found out the idea I had, had already been done before. I included the poster/social campaign I made for this project here as an extra (as this had not been done by anyone else). The purpose here was to create something positive, causing people to be more empathic and educated.



Art Director, Glenn Van Den Herrewegen