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© 2018 by Glenn Van Den Herrewegen.


IDEA: The election Whopper is two Whoppers wrapped in a Republican and a Democratic wrapper. For each burger bought in the selected party a vote drops in our live counter. This counter can be followed on billboards, in shops, website and app. This way we want to see what color the Whopper get's in that area. 

IDEA: Whopper food scent gives you the taste of a Whopper on every dish. This way we want to give our diehard Whopper addicts what they deserve. 

IDEA: Millenials these days are all into designer clothing and getting exclusive things. Thats where designers like Virgil Abloh and Demna Gvasalia come in. We created the collab whopper where these designers can design their limited Whopper and box. 

IDEA: Many years vegetarians and vegans are complaining about meat. Meat eaters don't want to change their diet so we made a designer cruelty free patty for our Whopper burger.

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